Sunday, February 28, 2016

Completed TIAS 2016

Here is my completed TIAS 2016.  Thanks to Jane for the fun project!

Threads I used:
Rabbit - Lizbeth #20-603, Ecru
Teeth - Lizbeth #20-601, White
Carrots - 3 strands variegated embroidery floss (yellow to orange) with one strand Sulky #40 Rayon, #1065 (orange)
Carrot tops - 2 strands light green embroidery floss with one strand of floss, #91-A, Isle Green

I was inspired by the picture of Brenda's flower basket on Day 11 to make a basket of carrots for my rabbit.  
This way he won't go hungry!

Basket thread - 2 strands DMC embroidery floss #420 (med. brown) with one strand tan floss

I hope to take part in next year's TIAS.  I know it will be another fun bit of tatting. :)

TIAS 2016 - Threads Used

Welcome to my new blog!

My intent here is to share with you some of the projects I have been working on, interesting things I have learned, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

The end of 2015 was very busy for me -- November and December in particular -- with traveling, holiday activities, etc.  There were lots of things I needed to do for other people and less time for myself than I am used to.  In addition, I had strayed from my diet somewhat and I was starting to feel run down, fatigued, and quite crummy.

So I knew that the beginning of this year would be for resting.  I have spent much of my free time sitting very still -- sometimes that meant staring out the window, reading, or - quite frequently - tatting.  I have also spent a good amount of time cooking, exercising, and looking after myself.  It has paid off and I am feeling much better than I did at the end of December.  It is amazing how much a difference it makes to eat the right foods!

Perhaps I will ramble on more about my diet later -- it is very important to me, but it is not the focus of this blog.  Here I wish to focus on my "Stitchery" projects, which are primarily sewing, quilting, knitting, or tatting.  I am a member of both my local Quilt and Fiber guilds.  I enjoy attending classes and workshops from time to time and learning new things.

Most of my knitting projects are documented on Ravelry, which is a fantastic resource/website, but I have been wanting a way to share other projects I have been working on as well.  Thus this blog!