Sunday, February 28, 2016

Completed TIAS 2016

Here is my completed TIAS 2016.  Thanks to Jane for the fun project!

Threads I used:
Rabbit - Lizbeth #20-603, Ecru
Teeth - Lizbeth #20-601, White
Carrots - 3 strands variegated embroidery floss (yellow to orange) with one strand Sulky #40 Rayon, #1065 (orange)
Carrot tops - 2 strands light green embroidery floss with one strand of floss, #91-A, Isle Green

I was inspired by the picture of Brenda's flower basket on Day 11 to make a basket of carrots for my rabbit.  
This way he won't go hungry!

Basket thread - 2 strands DMC embroidery floss #420 (med. brown) with one strand tan floss

I hope to take part in next year's TIAS.  I know it will be another fun bit of tatting. :)

TIAS 2016 - Threads Used


  1. What a lovely idea to add the carrot basket ! Good job :-)
    Congratulations on starting your blog ! When I visited a few weeks back, there was no post ... I'm adding it to my blog list now & hope you get in a lot of posts & tatting to share :-)

    1. Thanks for visiting and for the encouragement, muskaan!

  2. Welcome to Blog Land! So glad you're sharing your tatting skills on-line. I'm impressed with your bunny rabbit from Jane's TIAS blog! How clever to add a basket of carrots! I look forward to seeing more of your tatting projects!

    1. Thanks for the compliments and the encouragement, Kathy! So nice of you all to visit. :)

  3. Any chance you could give a couple of hints as to how you made your basket. I have looked at it and for the life of me can not figure out the bottom. Please!!! ????

    1. The basket is fairly simple. I used 4 rings, spaced a little bit apart, for the carrots. The rest of the basket is all chains. I used catherine wheel joins a few times to get a smooth shape for the handle and the bottom row.
      I can write out the directions if it would be helpful to you... but I am not a designer, so I hope I can write it in a way that makes sense to someone else.