Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Painted Quilts and TIAS 2017, Days 4-5

At the January 2017 meeting of the West Alabama Quilters Guild, Dr. Bethany Windham Engle spoke to us about her quilt-inspired paintings.  She brought two of her paintings for us to see.

From a distance, they look like they are made with fabric, much like a traditional quilt.  Up close, it is easy to see that they are in fact painted.  Dr. Engle used acrylic paints to mimic fabrics and pencil drawing for the portrait.

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us, Dr. Engle!

Here is my progress with Jane Eborall's TIAS 2017.  The instructions for Day 4 called for zig zag chains.  I tatted a lock stitch chain first, then realized my mistake when it didn't look quite like the diagram.

I printed Jane's technique pages on Lock Chain and Zig Zag Chains and made samples before continuing with the TIAS.  It was a good challenge. :)

Day 5 was a row of split rings.  Much easier!

'Til next time,


  1. Wow, perfect paintings and effect ! I've seen quilts being inspired by famous paintings, but this is a first :-) Glad you shared
    Good study of chains !