Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sewing Room 2.0, The Closet

The tidying that I mentioned in my last post included this closet, which is attached to my sewing room.  It holds quilt fabrics; bins of interfacing, buttons, zippers, etc.; some paper crafting supplies; and now my wall of yarn.

Alchemy Stitchery: Sewing Room 2.0, The Closet
View from the doorway

The wall of yarn (with some bins of UFOs and quilt fabrics on the left)

Supplies for paper crafting and other things

Again, I don't have "before" pictures to show you, but I promise that it is much more organized than before and the bins are more accessible.  Yay for tidying! :)


  1. Great job organizing & tidying up :-) I'm sure this will spark even more creativity & save a lot of time rummaging for the right supplies.
    I recently catalogued my thread stash & am very happy with the time spent on it - now it is so easy to reference & choose colours/threads/sizes for my projects.
    So yes, Yay for tidying :-D

    1. Hi Muskaan
      Thanks for your comment :)
      I'm curious to hear how you catalogued your thread stash. Did you use a spreadsheet?

    2. Nothing digital really, because I wanted to see the True colours. I glued the tiny samplers on plain paper, listing details as well as quantity ; one paper per size. My last post of August is about this, with pics & discoveries ("stockPINing...") . For some of the variegated threads, I used colour pens to denote the sequence & shade.

    3. I look forward to reading your post. Thanks!