Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Travel Tip: Konmari-style Packing

Over the years, I have tried several different ways of packing clothing for travel and even done some research online into recommended methods.  After learning how to tidy my house from Marie Kondo's books, I decided to try her folding and vertical stacking method for clothing in a suitcase.

So far, this is the best method that I have found.  It doesn't eliminate wrinkles entirely, but wrinkles are minimized.  Clothes are easily organized this way, and it is very easy to find anything I need while travelling.  The photo below shows pants, jeans, shirts, and pajamas folded and vertically stacked.  A few more items will fit on top.  When I get to my destination, I can easily pull out the items I need without disturbing all the others.

Here are links to Marie Kondo showing her folding method for Tops, camisoles, and socks; Odd-shaped clothing; and T-shirts (YouTube videos).

Konmari-style Packing

Another Yay! for tidying. :)


  1. My daughter introduced me to this book and I've been applying her methods. Having hoarded for hobbies for many years, that area of my life is turning out to be the hardest in which to apply the method. I use this folding method with my clothing and LOVE it. I hadn't thought about using the method to pack a suitcase, but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing.