Monday, September 5, 2016

Tatting Thread Color Samples

I like to have color samples of my tatting threads to help me choose threads for future projects.  I decided to use a rings-only edging pattern for the samples, as it shows the colors the way they come off the ball of thread.  A motif of rings and chains tends to chop up the colors.

I found this pattern on a Russian website through Pinterest.

Here's my version:
R: 2 ± 7 - 2 - 7. RW.  Leave unworked thread space of 3-4 mm.

Repeat R for desired length, joining Ring 3 to Ring 1 and Ring 4 to Ring 2, etc.

When I tat this with Lizbeth size 20, one sample uses about 3 yards 6" of thread.


  1. Pretty, and a good way to see how threads work up.

  2. What I wonderful idea! I usually tat a small motif - the same one for all samples - to file in a photo album as a *size* comparison 'chart' for various threads. Never thought about color samples, also. Thanks for sharing this.